HK Enabler FAQ’s

HK Enabler FAQ’s2020-09-22T14:38:41+01:00

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Can I talk to someone about the HK Enabler?2022-03-31T12:25:42+01:00

Yes of course, give us a call on (+44) 01932 800 800 or complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch with you.

Do you ship to Europe/USA?2022-03-31T12:25:57+01:00

Yes, we ship to Europe and the US. Contact us on (+44) 01932 800800 or fill in our contact form to discuss shipping charges

When can I get an HK Enabler?2022-03-31T12:26:04+01:00

You can purchase an HKEnabler for your Mini here.

Are HK Enablers in stock?2022-03-31T12:26:09+01:00

Yes! We have them in stock for next-day delivery within the UK, and expedited delivery for the rest of the world.

Is it difficult to fit an HK Enabler?2022-03-31T12:26:14+01:00

No, you just Plug & Play. It’s simple.

Why doesn’t the new radio in my Mini work?2020-10-08T15:43:40+01:00

Probably because you have Harman Kardon installed. When you remove the Harman Kardon radio the cars built-in amplifier doesn’t recognise the new radio. Our HK Enabler solves this problem.

Do I have Harman Kardon installed in my Mini?2022-03-31T12:26:24+01:00

If you have removed the original radio and tried to install a new radio with no joy then you do probably have Harman Kardon installed. If you look at the speakers in the door they will have Haman Kardon stamped on them. If you’re not sure don’t hesitate to contact us.

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